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Brain Stroke Information

Stroke Cure app offers the best treatment plans tailored for people who suffer from a stroke. The information can be accessed for free and easily understandable with user-friendly interface.

Time Saving

Finding the right treatment for brain tumor or stroke has never been easier. With Stroke Cure App, the trouble of waiting for doctor's appointment and paying expensive consultation fee comes to an end. Save your time with quick response from the doctors and get your questions answered!

Online FREE Consultation

Sign up for Free Consultation and chat with our doctors using the Stroke Cure App – Share the medical reports and prescriptions and get advice from our experts

Focus on Health

We aim to help people in need of best brain specialist who are awaiting to seek second opinion for their neurology problems like Stroke, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Tumors etc.
"A Healthy brain with good circulation can assimilate nutrients and eliminate waste easily."


When it comes to a stroke, TIME = BRAIN - "Approximately 2 million neurons are lost a minute of treatment delay"


A Stroke is a medical emergency and there is a need to intervene and restore blood supply to the brain. Get in Touch with our Expert Neuro Team through phone call: 8008 777 555

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The effects of Brain Stroke on a family can never be erased. We need a Cure.
Download Stroke Cure Application from Google Play store, that helps you to be stroke aware.


Stroke Cure Application helps with the diagnosis and treatment options for brain stroke from our expert neurology doctors. It is completely free and safe to download. With Stroke Cure App, one can
- Get medical information about brain stroke
- Contact Neurologist / Neuro surgeon
- Get second opinion by sharing medical reports
- In case of emergency, one can directly call us on 8008 777 555.
The Best place to get stroke cure application is Google Play Store. Remember that, this App is completely free to download.
First, open the Google Play Store.
1. Search for “Stroke Cure” on search bar. Please swipe until you find stroke cure icon powered by MaxCure Hospitals.
2. Click “Install” button after finding the application.
Stroke Cure application is free to download and also no amount is charged for online platform communication like mail , video and voice consultations.
Nowadays more and more people are able to use their own smart phones devices which they are comfortable with their work. We came up with android application initially with advanced health care benefits and features.
Data provided in Stroke Cure App is easily understand by doctors / common people and more over it takes less storage space for installation.
1) A Doctor / Patient can share the patient medical reports and directly communication with our doctors.
2) Complete information about Brain stroke symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and management.
3) FREE Online Consultation available like video call, chat, voice call, mail.
4) Latest news updates on advanced techniques for brain stroke/Tumor treatment.
5) Brain Health Tips


For any Queries, Please feel free to contact with our patient care representative officer.

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